Surgical Hair Restoration

Surgical Hair Restoration Procedures

Medical hair loss treatments are effective only until a certain point. Once you’ve actually lost your hair, there’s no other option for hair loss treatment other than surgery. Contrary to popular belief, homeopathic methods do not work, and surgery is the only way to go. At Dr. Rubin’s Hair Restoration, we use state of the art equipment and adopt the latest and most effective techniques.

All You Need to Know About Hair Restoration Surgery

There are multiple methods to treat hair loss, and we always make sure to use the most cutting edge techniques for the best results. Some of the surgical hair loss treatment methods are:

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): It is a method in which each hair follicle is carefully harvested from a patient’s donor area by drilling with micro punchers without damaging the hair root. The motorised punches are so tiny that they leave almost no scar in the donor area, which is also why FUE is also called the stitchless and scarless method of hair restoration. Generally, FUE is excellent for patients who require less than 2000 hair grafts to be transplanted in single session. Advanced FUE improves on this method by allowing surgeons to use donor areas other than the head, and get follicles from other areas such as thighs, chest and beard.
  • Strip Extraction: Unlike FUE, in strip extraction, a small strip of skin is removed from back of the scalp and area, which is stitched with absorbable sutures, using an advanced suturing technique called trichophytic closure. It only leaves a very thin pencil line like scar in the donor area, which is very well hidden under the hair. Each hair follicle is then dissected under magnification and transplanted in bald area, by strip or FUT method. Grafts numbering up to 3500 can be transplanted in single session. Whenever more grafts are required, FUT is the gold standard. It’s the less expensive of the two methods, and is older as well as time tested method.
  • Combined (FUE + Strip extraction): Depending on the client’s requirement, condition of the donor area and area to be transplanted, a combination of these techniques might be used, which can give excellent results.

All of these methods provide the follicles to be transplanted on to the donor area. Basically, FUE and FUT are methods of hair follicle extraction from the donor area, while implantation onto recipient area basically remains same, which is making sites or slits for hair follicle implantation. Final result or graft survival depends on careful extraction or harvesting, as well as very gentle and proper handling of hair follicles during harvesting and implantation.

Everything is done under local anaesthesia, and the most you’ll experience is minor discomfort. The whole transplantation process takes just 6 hours, during which you will be awake, and after which you can return home the same day. Post-surgery, the transplanted area has to be cleaned everyday with an antiseptic for two weeks, and that’s all you need to do. After a while, the follicles then integrate with the tissue, and grow just like normal hair would, and can be treated as such. Once the new hair begins growing, you can shampoo it, comb it, cut it, style it and do whatever you want, just like natural hair!