If you are suffering from extreme hair loss, and are at a loss to find a solution, hair restoration can be the fix to all your hair woes. There are surgical hair restoration and non-surgical methods to restore your lost hair. So which would suit you and which method should you definitely ignore? The best answer to the question will be to go to the best clinic, get your hair analyzed, find out the underlying hair loss causes, and let the surgeon chalk out a suitable treatment for you.

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What is Hair Transplant or Hair Restoration?

There are so many treatment options for hair loss, so it all seems rather confusing to you. But if you are really wary of going for surgical methods, you can express your fears and doubts to your surgeon who can suggest to you what kind of hair restoration treatment you should really go for. Male pattern baldness, which more often than not happens due to hereditary reasons, makes you lose hair from the crown area. However much hair you lose from the crown area, you will still have some hair remaining at the back or the sides of your head. These clumps of hair are unaffected by the action of dihydrotestosterone, which is a hair follicle killer. They are programmed to genetically to resist its impact.

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What Can you expect in a Hair Transplant?

The method of hair transplant is called microfollicular hair transplant. The following methods are followed for its successful transplantation in a hair restoration clinic.

  • Hair is marked up and selected according to facial features.
  • A strip of hair is then harvested from the back of the head and then the area is sewn by stitches.
  • From this extracted strip, many micro grafts and mini grafts are cut out.
  • Micrografts are utilized to form the front hairline. Mini-grafts are used to further thicken the hair. The placement of the grafts is done in a way that the growth of the hair is not thwarted.

Surgical Methods of Hair Restoration

The above method is a generalized way of restoring hair.  Surgical hair restoration can be categorized into permanent methods known as FUE and FUT.  The chief difference between FUT and FUE are the following: In FUT, a strip of scalp is extracted from the donor area which has more hair than the recipient area with less hair or no hair. This is also called strip harvesting. The FUE method involves removing hair one by one with the help of a machine; it is a time-consuming process as the follicles are painstakingly removed to be implanted on the recipient site. It is a painless process as anesthesia is used while conducting the procedure.

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With the advent of so many advanced hair solutions, hair loss can be controlled and even stalled. All you have to do is select a proper hair restoration clinic and you will be soon be able to get rid of all your hair loss problems.