Hair transplant is one of the best ways to get back your mane full of hair, it’s a permanent procedure that can bring excellent results if done from a reputed center. Whether you’re male or female, in your early 20’s or late 50’s, hair loss is one of those things that can be troubling no matter the age. The good part, however, is that hair transplant can be done for anyone experiencing hair loss. Contrary to popular belief, the hair that grows on your head post-transplant is your own natural hair, which can be treated just as such. There are a couple of myths surrounding hair transplant doing the rounds which couldn’t be more wrong, so if you’re in a dilemma about going for a hair transplant procedure, read on to clear out your queries!

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Myth 1 – The Hair from a Hair Transplant Looks Unnatural and Fake

Fact: In a hair transplant procedure, your natural follicles that are still capable of growing hair are transferred from a donor area to your scalp. This means that the hair that will grow post the procedure is simply your own hair, from another area. What this also means is that once hair grows, you can cut it, style it, wash it, color it and do whatever you want, just like you would to your natural hair!

Myth 2 – Hair Transplant Is Only for Men

Fact: Hair transplant can be done for both men and women, because hair loss can occur in both sexes, whether genetically or because of a condition. The results, as explained above, are completely natural looking and shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

Myth 3 – The Hair Transplant Procedure is Very Painful and It Takes Long to Recover

Fact: Actually, the procedure itself is quite painless, and you’re awake the whole time. There’s just a local anesthetic used, and patients can actually read a book or watch TV while the procedure takes place. Not the kind of surgery you imagined, isn’t it? The worst you’ll feel is a bit of a needle-like prick, and you’ll be able to go back home the same day. In a couple of days, the dressing comes off, and you won’t have any problem going on with your daily life.

Hair Transplant Procedure

Myth 4 – You Have to Take Extra Special Care of Your Transplanted Hair

Fact: This is another very popular and also very false statement that seems to be doing the rounds. As we mentioned above, the hair that you get from a transplant procedure is your own natural hair, just from another area. Once the transplant scars have healed and hair starts growing, you can treat it just as you would treat your natural hair. Yes, that also means that you can cut them without worrying whether they’d grow back!

Myth 5 – Hair Transplant and Hair Restoration Surgeries Are Expensive

Fact: While we do agree that hair transplant surgeries aren’t cheap, they aren’t exorbitantly expensive either. You’re much better off paying for a quality procedure which has great results instead of skimping on it and regretting it later. After all, it’s something that will be with you for decades to come. The cost of the surgery is decided after a thorough analysis of the patient. It usually depends on the number of grafts required to be transplanted, since surgeons charge per graft.

Hopefully this clears out the queries you had about hair transplant surgery, so if you’re ready to take the next step for a new you, head over to Dr. Rubin’s Hair Restoration Clinic or contact us today!